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Mr McKenic® - Alkaline Coil Cleaner is an essential component in the successful cleaning and maintenance of cooling coils. Mr McKenic® - Alkaline Coil Cleaner is easy to apply and highly effective in breaking up grimes, dirt, airborne impurities, leaving coils dirt-free and shining. This product is strongly recommended for use in all routine air-con cleaning to increase efficiency and to reduce electrical cost.

Available sizes: 5L, 25L (Contact us for Bulk Rates)


Product Features:

  • Improves Cooling Efficiency
  • Reduces Energy Units
  • Extends Equipment Lifespan
  • High Dilution Rate
  • Safe on most Metals and Plastic


Areas of Application:

Mr McKenic® - Alkaline Coil Cleaner is widely used on coils found on air-conditioner units, air handling units, cooling tower fins, radiator fins etc. It is also applicable to air-conditioner coils found in buses, trains, refrigerated containers, ship vessels and other mobile cooling systems.

For control and elimination of air-borne bacteria, germs, mould and fungus, refer to GK-GermKiller® - GK Air™. For removal of scale deposits from coils and fins, refer to Mr McKenic® - Acidic Coil Cleaner.


Directions for use:

  • Mr McKenic®– Alkaline Coil Cleaner can be applied by spraying onto the coils from the top of the condenser until the bottom.
  • Dilute Mr McKenic®– Alkaline Coil Cleaner with water.

    For heavy soiled coils, no dilution

    For medium soiled coils, 1:3 parts of water

    For routine cleaning, dilute up to 6 parts of water

    If the coil is well maintained, dilution can be up to 12 parts of water for routine cleaning.

  • Switch off the unit before applying.
  • Cool down the condenser/evaporator coil fins with water.
  • Using a poly-sprayer, spray the solution from the top of the condenser coil to the bottom.
  • Allow 5 to 20 minutes for product to work.
  • Rinse off thoroughly with plenty of water.
  • Repeat process if necessary.

Alkaline Coil Cleaner


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