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Mr McKenic® – 9-in-1 Technology Oil is a product with a special formulation that can perform a wide range of technical functions: lubricating, corrosion inhibiting, penetrating and cleaning. Extremely versatile, it is a handy solution to numerous dead-locked situations, making it a ‘must-have’ in every toolbox.


Product Information

  • Silences squeaks
  • Prevents rust
  • Releases instantly
  • High penetration power
  • Cleans and protects
  • Displaces moisture


Lubricates & Silences Squeaks

Excellent penetrating action allows product to quickly lubricate gears, hinges, locks, zippers, tools and chains. Effectively eliminates squeaks and leaves no sticky residue.

Removes & Prevents Rust

Breaks down rust to release seized or rusted metal parts, such as bolts, nuts, cables, valves and fasteners.

Releases Stuck Mechanisms

Super penetrating action works quickly to free stuck or seized parts, such as jammed wheel nuts, gears and other mechanisms, thereby allowing equipment to run smoothly.

Cleans & Protects

Breaks down hardened grease, tar, dirt and carbon stains to clean surfaces and form a corrosion-resistant barrier to help prevent rust and extends the operating life of equipment.

Displaces Moisture

Effectively drives out moisture on wet equipment such as electrical contacts, spark plugs on motorcycle engines and power tools.



Direction for use: 

For Aerosol Can Packing:

  • Shake Can well before use.
  • Fit straw onto nozzle to reach inaccessible areas.
  • To lubricate, spray directly onto targeted areas.
  • To treat rusted parts, spray directly to saturate target areas. Allow to soak for 5-10 minutes.  Agitate if necessary.
  • To displace moisture, spray onto contact points.
  • To prevent rust, first treat rusted areas, then re-spray directly onto target area to leave a layer of protection. Do not wipe off.
  • Use short bursts instead of a long continuous spray.


For Bulk Packing (contact us for more details):

  • Product can be applied using soak, spray and brush methods. 
  • To lubricate or silence squeak, apply 9-in-1 directly onto squeaky parts.
  • To release stuck mechanism, apply 9-in-1 onto seized area and allow it to penetrate on its own or with some agitation at the moving joint.
  • To remove rust/oxides, apply 9-in-1 and leave it for 10 minutes. Agitate corroded parts by means of a wire-brush.
  • To displace moisture and protect from corrosion, apply 9-in-1 generously onto target surfaces.

9-in-1 Technology Oil


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