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Mr McKenic® - Plant-Based Oil Spill Dispersant (OSD) is a non-toxic, biodegradable, plant-based mixture that effectively disperses oil spill in sea or fresh water, shoreline and other areas exposed to environment.  Its low viscosity allows quick spreading and dispersing of oil slicks.  This OSD is safe for marine use and can be used for general cleaning, deck & oil rig washing without causing ecology damage.

 Mr McKenic® - Plant-Based OSD complies with the international “Prevention of Sea Pollution Regulations 1999”.


Directions of Use:

  • Mr McKenic® - Plant-Based OSD can be applied by spraying over the oil slick, allowing the waves and other turbulence to aid dispersing.
  • For thicker oil slick, repeat the dosage. Agitate with pressure jet water or other mechanical methods for faster action.
  • The product can be used concentrated or diluted
  • Use as concentrate— 1 part dispersant to 20 to 30 parts oil
  • Use as water-dilutable —1 part of 10% solution of dispersant in seawater to 2 to 3 parts oil
  • For spillage on hard surfaces, cover spillage area and allow product to work before flushing off with water.

Plant-based Oil Spill Dispersant


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